Jérôme WILLARD worked in business before entering the field of chartered accounting ten years ago.  This professional experience gives him better insight into what a manager of a small or medium-sized firm expects from its chartered accountant.
Expertise gained in large accounting firms.Expertise gained in large accounting firms.
Before setting up ASTRIA, the associate worked for a time in a reputed accounting firm.

Jérôme WILLARD used to work for an accounting firm dedicated to the French subsidiaries of German and English speaking firms before exercising the same function at Deloitte, one of the “Big Four” auditing firms.

He has thus had experience working for a medium-sized firm where he developed his responsiveness and flexibility and for a major international firm in which he gained experience in tried-and-tested methods.

Prior experience in businessPrior experience in business.

Jérôme WILLARD has occupied several senior positions, such as administrative and finance manager, in transport, IT and consulting firms in which his responsibilities included setting up an in-house auditing department.

Command of foreign languages.Command of foreign languages.

Jérôme WILLARD speaks German and English. His language skills are a real asset in his work with the subsidiaries of foreign firms located in France.