A large part of ASTRIA’s clientele is made up of business startups and acquisitions, but also of micro-businesses, corporations and property investment firms, freelancers and professionals.

Accounting software

Customised approach to your project:

The first time we meet, ASTRIA discusses your choices regarding fiscal and social matters and can assist you in the formalities involved in setting up a business:

Examination of your project and business forecasts.
Feasibility analysis, assessment of strengths and weaknesses, timeline, examination of financing needs and solutions (cash inputs, grants, incentives, bank loans, loans for business startups, etc.), preparation of forecasts (profit and loss account, budget, cash flow forecasts), assisting with cash-flow reports.

Company choices.
Analysis of your current situation, analysis of your business goals, guidance in choosing the most suitable corporate form (in terms of its legal form, tax status, social security considerations).

Legal, tax and social security formalities.
Preparation of articles of association, registration with business registry, registration with social security organisations, insurance contracts, etc.

Support for entrepreneurs, foreign investors in France:

Complete outsourcing of accounting, legal, tax and social security obligations.
Via our SAAS system, our clients have access in real time to their accounting records and may also undertake their own bookkeeping under our supervision.

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