L'équipe d'Astria - expertise comptbale

The team currently consists of six people: a CPA, a CPA intern (future CPA), an experienced accounant and three accountants. Each collaborator is in charge of a client portfolio, while being supervised by the CPA.

Share the common values of the firmShare the common values of the firm.
Jérôme WILLARD makes sure all collaborators share the common values of the firm.

A particular focus is put on regular communication with the clients. (see page: Engagements)

The set-up of common tools and the deployment of new work methods (digitalisation, SAAS connection…) aim at facilitating the work of the collaborators and shall extend the rigorous methodology to the entire firm.

Long-term work relationshipsLong-term work relationships
The firm’s objective is to build long-term work relationships with its employees and to help them grow, so they will contribute to the development of the firm.